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's snowing right now in duluth. it doesn't want to end. it's ridiculous. right now, we have snow that stretches in the white there from denver on i-70 all the way-to-peek ka, kansas. it's a large area of snow across kansas and rain headed across missouri. further to the north, we are dealing with snow that's exiting. duluth is still snowing. by the way, duluth has had 50-inches of snow this april. that's an all time record for you. we have this storm that will be forming off the east coast today. as it moves up the coast, it will only be affecting areas in eastern new england. we have that area from boston to cape cod, later tonight, it's going to pour. notice that new york city, we could get as much as two inches of rain tonight and tomorrow in boston. so boston to cape cod would be the unlucky ones. >> thanks, bill. >>> coming up, planes delayed because of furloughs. that's not the only thing affecting travel. >>> plus, busted, one of the ten fbi's most wanted and cuffed. >>> if you have netflix, we have details you want to hear. "first look" is back in three minutes. [ male an
will have a day off of school in that area. the snow is coming to an end in areas from duluth northward. that is that area of snow. that will slowly end during the day today. if you watched end of the masters yesterday, that rain there in augusta is now up through central portions of virginia. light rain for you coastal areas of carolinas from south carolina into north carolina. so a little bit of bad weather out there today. in general, we're still slowly heading in the right direction. 88 in dallas more like it. that's your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. >>> washington can't complain. 66 degrees. clouds and showers early in the day to the south of d.c. the afternoon should clear out nicely. slight chance of a storm there in indianapolis. atlanta, looking better today. unfortunately there's another winter storm behind the one -- >> you're joking. >> we already have winter storm warnings in the rockies. >> thank you, bill. >>> straight ahead, general motors teams up with ford on a ten speed and the trial of a doctor heats up and a bus driver loses h
carcinogen. within a few weeks, much of the population of duluth, 60 miles to the west, had stopped drinking tap water. but was there a problem or wasn't there? cook: we knew we had tailings in the water. we knew that amphibole mineral was anmportant fraction of these tailings particles. we knew that some amphibole minerals, particularly the grunerite, which was in the tailings, can occur as asbestos, and that is associated with human health hards, particularly for cancer. um... what we didn't know was whether these rticular amphibole particles in the water occurred as fibers. so we took samples of the water and looked at it by electron microscopy and saw that, indeed, some of the amphibole particles were, that was kind of a shocking inrevelation to us.d. oh, i think it alarmed an awful lot of people. i think the first response was for an awful lot opeople to get very active, very quickly. there was a petition, i think, with something like 10,000 names presented to the mayor ofuluth insisting that something be done about this. schoumacher: duluth responded by building a new filtration system
minneapolis into duluth as well where there could be 9 to 12 inches possible. on the west coast, though, we're looking at a couple showers in northern and central nevada. other than that a little light rain in seattle put portland should be fairly quiet. most of california nation and sunny as well. temperaturewise, upper 50s in the northwest. 60s in the central oregon. 70s, though, in l.a. today and 80s in the desert southwest. so that's where all the warm air is in the west coast, and we should see that cooler air, though, start to settle in cali most of the california will be in 60s and 70s. 88 degrees in yuma, arizona. so it is going to continue to be a little unsettled in the northwest. again, the big story is the snow in the northern plains and that heavy rain possible today in the gulf. >> it's crazy. great for ski resorts. but the rest of us, where is spring. >> i think a lot of us are ready for the ski resorts to shut down. pack it up. it is mid-april. >>> and will they continue to search today? plus pain and your brain. >>> and a place where a new bridge has a real fire-breathing d
jammed lake superior just outside duluth. ships anchored in the lake were blocked by the ice pack. plenty op onlookers were out getting a firsthand look. >>> not much melting in the area today. snow in the area. rode conditions elsewhere, wet for seattle and portland. the sunshine state suffers a wet day. miami, orlando, jacksonville, have the wipers ready. same for oklahoma city. >>> airport delays possible in chicago, denver, salt lake city and san francisco. >>> there's a possible break into who murdered a d.a. and his wife in texas. a former justice of the peace, eric williams is the h custody. he's not been named as a suspect. authorities searched his home friday. he was prosecuted last year by williams for stealing computer monitors. anonymous e-mails threatening attacks have been traced back to williams. >>> mapping in los angeles, free meningitis vaccinations are be offered. they've teamed up with the aids foundation. the response is directed at gay men who are at risk for the infecti infection. >>> a brother and sister reported missing by their mother was later found in a neighbo
use a few bobcats. you drive over the ice. and you just -- >> rush. >> this is at the duluth curling club. their season is over so now they have to clear out the ice, they use a bucket to crack the ice. and then when when they drive over it, it continues to break up the ice in tiny, tiny pieces. >> it almost looks like it's alive with a personality getting out its aggression on the ice. >> it's so much more fun. >> this is awesome, you go in and crash things with machinery. >> if this isn't an accessory, i don't know what is. >> you betcha. >> the last time we saw jamie, the bear, mcdonald, he was eating the entire hobbit menu at denny's, this time he went to i-hop. he wanted to breaknco pancakes hours. while in missouri, they put 70 pancakes in front of them and watch it go. this video is uploaded to the website of >> you eat some pancakes like one or two and you feel like you got a brick in your stomach. >> he's dipping and swigging and eating. >> he's struggling now. >> at one point he sits down and then he gets back up and keeps eating. >> he is at 43 minutes
. duluth, minnesota, no, but that's spring for them. this looks like april in duluth. boy, did they get ita. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. chicago, 65 before the cold front whips through there. i'll leave you with a look across the nation. >> i'll start the twitter photos out in arkansas where we see a big bank of clouds, that low-lying cloud called fog. a beautiful shot from the road. drive safe, of course. indiana sunrise for you. just looking over the lake, beautiful. thank you for sending them in at ginger, underscore, zee. >> can you put the hat back on that you were wearing in the picture. >> i didn't save either of those. >> the rubber bands. >> they worked. rainbow rubber bands. >> we'll call ginger and get that hat back. >>> here it is, by the way, the face that provoked a presidential apology after he called kamala harris the nation's best looking attorney gener general. was this sexist or being blown out of proportion. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan, good morning, bianna. this has sparked quite the debate across the country but as you're about to see the
of it in a lot of places. duluth, minnesota, no, but that's spring for them. this is april. this looks like april in duluth. and, boy, did they get it. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches will fall in that northern tier here along northern minnesota up through the u.p. of michigan, but, again, temperatures -- look at chicago. 65 before the cold front >> i want to start the twitter photos out in arkansas where we see a big bank of clouds, that low-lying cloud called a fog. so that's what we have there. a beautiful shot though from the road. drive safe, of course. and indiana sunrise for you just looking over the lake, beautiful. thank you for sending them in @ginger_zee is how you can find me. and we'll go back to dan harris and bianna golodryga. >> in your next weather, can you put the hat back on that you were wearing in the picture? >> and the braces? >> i didn't save either of those. no. >> the rubber bands. >> they worked. rainbow rubber bands. >> we'll call ginger's mom and get that hat back. thanks, ginger. >>> here it is, by the way, the face that provoked a presidential apology. the white house s
much, that is a different story. and some folks from aberdeen to bismarck to fargo to duluth could see 6 to 12 inches, but could top 15 inches in some places. right along the interstate 74 cutting across north dakota, that kind of is the zone where we're going to see major winter weather, and in the orange shaded areas, blizzard warnings. this is the month of april. no tulips or daffodil, not just yet anyway, and the cold air remains in place with temperatures in the kansas city going from the 70s into only the 40s coming up by tuesday. in chicago, 70s for sunday afternoon. only into the 40s by tuesday. so that grip of cold air is still going to linger even into the workweek, and the outbreak of potentially severe weather could see thunderstorms, heavy downpours, lightning, hail, risk of tornadoes from missouri on monday. oklahoma and texas on tuesday. then marches ahead towards the east as we go into wednesday with the potential for a severe weather outbreak then. and we'll continue to watch that as our frontal system makes its way towards the east. watch out for the heavy downpours.
for this time of the year. 21 for saranac lake. duluth, 27 degrees. it's definitely going to be a chilly start to the day. frost advisories and freeze warnings as well still in effect. but things remain nice and warm in phoenix, tucson and el paso. here's a look at your local weather. >> bianna and dan, back to you. >> thank you, erica. >>> there is another marathon being run today. this one across the pond in london and the runners there are honoring the victims in boston. >> it's the first big race anywhere since the boston bombings. no surprise, there is massive security on the heels of that terror attack. but there's also a lot of emotions. abc's nick schifrin is there. >> reporter: the men's winners have just come in behind me a few minutes ago. for the spectators lining the route and especially for the americans running this race this is just not a marathon. from the beginning london remembered boston. 35,000 runners honoring the victims of the boston bombings with a moment of silence. and each one wearing a black ribbon in solidarity. just six days after the bombs ripped through the bos
, in minneapolis, you have to clear snow off your car from last night. it's still snow ing in duluth. the illinois river from peoria southwards to where it meets the mississippi still has to crest over the 234ek9 two to -- the next two to three days. it will be a rainy day even for chicago. for the east coast, no problems, though. still a little chilly. there may be a few showers, especially from boston to providence. you will get drenched. that's an ocean storm. it will miss d.c., philly, baltimore, new york. the southeast, we're actually looking prettifies today. there is that cold, nasty day around kansas city. a chance of seeing snowflakes. minneapolis barely getting up to 40 degrees. denver two a high today of 34 degrees. typically, it should be around 60 degrees in the mid-west. it's a brutal spring, hopefully, may will feel like it. >>> coming up on the morning joe, the suspect in the boston bombings will not be charged as an enemy combatant. when we come back here, we'll check on sports and huddle around the good old water cooler with louis. >>> and anthony weiner is back on twitter, pleas
after yet another snowstorm there. more than 22 inches fell in duluth this month. one of the snowiest on record. colorado and wyoming are getting hammered today. >>> the search for a man missing in that washington state avalanche could resume today. efforts were called off over the weekend because of bad weather. two other hikers with him were rescued. >>> a former texas justice of the peace could soon be killed with murder of the district attorney from last month. eric williams is held on terror threat charges. murder charges could come tomorrow. >>> a grand jury will be seated today to see if more laws were violated in the steubenville rape case. >>> adam scott is the master of oz. the 32-year-old became the first aussie to own one of the green jackets winning the masters over the weekend. >>> some call it an unbelievable -- well, i don't know if i want to say that. truly unbelievable. justin bieber criticized for what he wrote in a guest book at the anne frank house in amsterdam. look for yourself. truly inspiring to be able to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would
are still rough out there. we reported some snow in duluth, just over 17 inches. conditions out there are pretty rough. we do have another storm working its way in across the state there, really, across the country. the low moving across. we have colder air working its way down as well. unfortunately, we're not in the clear, at least not yet. and temperatures for today, topping out between the mid 40s for chicago to the upper 80s for phoenix. >> back to you, bianna and dan. >> thank you, erika. >>> coming up, how social media played such a huge role in becoming a crime-fighting tool and helping people to heed the warnings to stay inside. more after the break. don't travel alone. your pets may be under attack... ...if they're not protected by sentry® fiproguard® max! fiproguard® max kills fleas and ticks so fast... ...they start dying in just minutes. it even prevents more fleas from biting than frontline® plus or k9 advantix® ii. so pets win the war against fleas and ticks... ...with sentry® fiproguard® max. like frontline® brand products, fiproguard® products contain t
. but that's really about it. we have some records to talk about this april. a lot of snow records. duluth picked up 51 inches. that's the snowiest month on record ever. we also had the snowiest april through bismarck, pierre, snowiest also into boulder, 47 inches. the wettest april in chicago with almost 9 inches of rain. and on the flipside, new york city has picked up the driest april in 50 years. i would say one of the coolest, too. we will see some showers today down across the southeast. could end up with about two to three inches of rain, especially into western north carolina also into eastern tennessee. those showers up near fargo, those are just a couple of light showers. it's not going to exacerbate the flooding problem up there. that is still mostly caused by the snow melt, and then tomorrow, the showers will move into wisconsin. again, still pretty light. and then late in the day in new york city, we will see a couple of showers around here, too. >>> live picture. you're looking over san francisco and the bay bridge and missed on that lens even though the sun is over the tops
is up next from duluth, minnesota on the republican line. your thoughts on the ruling? wondering what happens after a month, if a girl finds out she's pregnant, and she does not understand this. andt if she gets this pill takes eight, nine, 10 of them. ? i do not understand what the pill does myself. what would happen to the girl because she does not understand? host: william from duluth, minnesota. antony from houston, texas on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. ais is a pairing issue, not government issue. every time we come around, it is always about the women having children are being pregnant. it is a sad day in america when all these little girls are having sex. this is a parental issue. parents need to take charge of their kids. women always talking about having to what kids. fathers have a responsibility, too. we want our children. some want their kids. i would want mine. parents need to take charge of their kids and not depend on the government. we should be doing this as parents. taking a pill is ridiculous. host: talking about the parenting si
today. the damage for a lot already done. you can see the current snowfall there. anywhere from duluth over towards the u.p. of michigan. they probably just plug their ears at this point and say i don't even want to hear it. i don't want to look out the window. in duluth, they've had 50.2 inches of snow now this april. that is now the snowiest month ever recorded. records there go back to 1870. that will tell you how rough this month has been. and this cold map, i can tell you this was mid january and you would believe me. it feels like 3 in rapid city. 10 in dodd city. kansas city will switch over to snow soon. lots of record lows this morning. on the leading edge of all that, we've got the rain and places that are flooding around chicago, down into missouri. heavy rain now moving towards st. louis. this is all going to be tracking its way off towards the north and the east across where all those rivers are running very high. flooding will remain a concern. flood warnings from michigan down to northeastern arkansas. a couple rivers still have to crest parts of the mississippi and the
on top of that storm. another line from minneapolis in toward marquette. duluth, a part of that, green bay and milwaukee coming in with snow there. how about getting rid of the heat and bringing in more april-like weather? two days of clouds and one day of probably soaking rain tomorrow before we get into the milder temperatures or not milder, really, the more regular april temperatures. boston, 49 on saturday, new york, 57 on saturday. washington, d.c., 67 on saturday but it's today and tomorrow the clouds and showers are in. that's the hot zone today and, again, anyone headed out toward the golf course needs to keep an eye on their storms, your >> that must mean it's time for "gma's" pollen report. all that warm weather across the south and east means increased tree pollen. new heavy concentrations in northeast texas and south carolina and georgia border. you want to know what the pollen report levels are in your neighborhood -- all you got to do -- >> that's a tree. >> go to on yahoo! josh, if we counted -- >> you count one, two, three. >> we'll count them dur
. duluth, snowiest april on record. minneapolis is one to to inches away from their snowiest april ever. here comes the warmer air to melt that snow away. unfortunately it happens rather quickly. we're talking about these numbers in fargo, 62 by friday. and minneapolis going to 65. rapid city, 74. what that does is take however many inches of water in that snowpack, and it's anywhere from 5 to 10 inches up there, and puts it in the river system very quickly. that's not a good thing. we have where the warmer air already is. atlanta, 72. columbia 73. and cincinnati, 74 today. tomorrow, you'll be clos >> all that weather was brought to you by target. a lot of places are cooling down with the cold front in texas. big difference from yesterday. >> they need that. >>> coming up, the latest on the mother of the boston bombing suspect, leaving her home this morning. what she said about her sons. >>> and the brand-new study that reveals why taking that cinnamon challenge could be a big hazard to your health. yes! yes!!!! i'm accepted! it's amazing! i'm going to college. it's official. [screaming
. a little rain heading to chicago for your morning commute and a raining in minneapolis and duluth and snow north of duluth if you can believe that. the forecast today, three days in a row with severe storms and typical of the springtime but haven't had much yet. with we are going to get tornadoes a few in rural areas of western kansas along the colorado border and strong storms possible for southern kansas. if we see a minioutbreak it will be tuesday night so pay attention. make sure you keep us in the back of your mind. kansas city all the way down to oklahoma city, tulsa, ft. smith, dallas area to austin. now behind the storm, i have gotten people from montana and wyoming. it is ugly asnowind it is snowi. 1 to 2 feet. how bad is that? temperatures today in new york city and washington, d.c. by far the weather we have been waiting for. very warm. leave the jacket at home. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't want any trouble. i don't want any trouble either. ♪ [ engine turns over ] you know you forgot to take your mask off, right? [ siren waili
there in the south. there is the snow, by the way, to rub it in from st. cloud to duluth around minneapolis too. the forecast, again, east coast, you get a rainy friday but then it clears out for a pretty nice weekend. it will not be warm like it was but it will be dry and typical of april and i think he'll take it. you're watching "morning joe." we are brewed by starbucks. ♪ i turn to stone turn to stone when you coming home i can't go on ♪ [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> "the new york times" report from defense intelligence agency says u.s. officials believe with, quote, moderate confidence that north korea c
answer. >> admiral papp and acting administrator sullivan, thank you for being here. duluth, some of the ice breaking issues we have. and other things. so i appreciate the leapt that you've given us there as well as the issue that we have on some of the guide service issues which i'm not going to get into today. today i really wanted to focus on the floods that we're seeing in the red river valley. the national weather service's north central river forecast center is very important for us to pretect the heightened time of the river crest. two weekends ago i went home and it was 70-some degrees in washington and we had a foot of snow. the governor and i and senator franken had to head down to southwestern minnesota where we have a disaster area where we have ice cycles taking down trees and putting out power. last weekend we got another foot of snow and today we have another half foot of snow in the middle of april. something unheard of. we thought the fargo area was going to be fine. the chances of a flood was low. there's now a 40% chance that this flood will set a new record and
out yesterday, probably again today. look at all the snow from duluth, minnesota, all the way into utah, heaviest amounts are going to be about a foot or more from cheyenne to casper as far as rapid city, south dakota. we're going to get your local forecast in just a moment but first this message. we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ >> good morning. it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. today we will be in the upper 60's and the low 70's. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. >>> of course the images from this tragedy in boston, matt, are hard to forget. >> yes, they really are and the city, you can see it's anything but normal. just a second ago some boston police pulled up, took control of the intersection, a bus pulled up behind them and members
the rockies, we've got heavy snow, we're talking about from duluth into parts of northern nebraska, another six to nine inches of snow, denver we'll see about three to six inches of snow and some areas just to the south of denver going to be looking at some heavy snow as well. risk of strong storms stretching from northern texas on into illinois, look for showers in the pacific northwest, beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard, a few showers moving out of the northeast this morning. it will continue to be windy this morning through southern california. morning. good news. if you're sick of the wind, they will relax substantially today. live picture of san francisco. old glory getting a bit of a pickup from time to time. winds will be on the breezy side. we'll see them consistently decrease all day long. good news if you're sick of the wind. warmup on the way. 77 in livermore. san jose about 72. wednesday, upper 70s and 80s return. have a fantastic day. >> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. >>> coming up next the troubling websites devoted to bomb-making. will t
's show you what we've got. a couple of low pressure systems, one bringing snow up to duluth, minnesota. the second one bringing more snow to colorado and ahead of it some heavier rain. we're looking at about 1 to 3 inches of snow back through the central plains. 1 to 2 inches of rain from detroit all the way down to the central miss sip pea valley. rain stretching into texas. beautiful weather in the northwest. 73 with some morning nothing los angeles. we're going to get to your local forecast in a moment, but first this message. >>> another warm day inland. not quite as hot as yesterday. mid to upper 80s out towards solano county and eastern contra costa counties. 70s for san francisco. upper 70s to oakland. near 80 in san jose. from here, things will continue to cool off. as we see the sea breeze pick up approaching thursday. >> and that'sour latest weather. >>> doctors are sounding the alarm this morning about the so-called cinnamon challenge. it's a dangerous stunt popular among teens that's led to hospitalizations and a surge in calls to pson centers. dr. nancysnyderma is nbc's ch
was snowed out yesterday. probably again today. look at all the snow from duluth, minimum machine, all the way into utah. heaviest amounts are going to be about a foot or more from cheyenne to casper. all the way as far as rapid city, south dakota. we will get your local forecast in just a moment. first this message. >>> good morning. most of the region cloud yimou. it is a cool morning. temperatures are in the 50s from the mountains to the beaches. and we will hope to get out of the 50s in another few hours and late near the 60s and low and mid 70s especially in virginia and partly sunny. partly sunny again on wednesday. maybe a sprinkle predawn as well as thursday morning, predawn. highs both days into the 70s with a slight chance of an isolated shower or thundershower in the afternoon. greater chance of storms late on >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. >>> of course the images from this tragedy in boston, matt, are hard to forget. >> yes, they really are and the city, you can see it's anything but normal. just a second ago some boston police pulled up, took control
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)